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Streamline Design & Permitting, LLC has developed a baseline process to start and end projects at all phases of design and permitting to cater to each clients’ individual needs. We’ve broken down our process into 4 primary phases; the 5th being construction, which is where we pass the proverbial torch to our trusted partners or to owner to continue on their path with their own hired professionals. In any case, we are here to facilitate projects and insure our clients are in good hands from start to finish.

Phase 1

Research & Development
Site Discovery, Feasibility Analysis & Project Game Planning
This is by far the MOST important part of your project. If necessary; we will send over any additional release forms to assure we have access to get a thorough picture of possibilities for your property. If this has already been completed, we will be repeating this step for thoroughness purposes. Here, we will research all elements specific to your property including historical significance, zoning regulations, setbacks, easements, existing records and more. This will provide a "building envelope" and dictate what is and is not possible per City and State codes.
Site Survey & On-Site Measurement:
On-Site measurements will include the exterior and interior of all existing structures (even if no work is being done) as well as the overall property. The Planning & Development Services Department requires detailed measurements, square footages and a count of all plumbing fixtures of existing and proposed structures. Please be prepared to provide our team member(s) access to all areas of the home and secure any pets at the time of arrival. If new construction is to occur on an empty lot; Site Survey will still need to occur. If there are any locked fences or secured gates; please notify us and provide access when coordinating all Site visits. You may be subject to additional fees by Streamline Design and/or 3rd party consultants if sites are not accessible on scheduled site visits.
Project Kick-Off Call (KOC):
Your Job Captain and fellow design team members will reach out to schedule this meeting. The Kick-Off Call serves as a meet and greet to introduce you to your design team and allow them to gain additional insight into your project goals and aspirations. They will review your questionnaire, the projected timeline and answer any questions you may have about us or the design process. Our design team will intentionally keep the conversation broad and may ask you to reiterate many aspects of your project. We intentionally do this to assure there are no errors in communication.
Preliminary Review *If Applicable*
Based on project scope and complexity; a Preliminary Review with the Planning Department, Coastal Commission, Housing Commission, HOA Board, etc. may be available and applicable. Here, we develop a proposal package to present preliminary plans exemplifying the project site, structure(s) program, code analysis and overall scope of work. When pushing the limits of design and site constraints, or adding other elements of complexity, reviewing the plans early with Plan Reviewers could prove invaluable to verify that the research, interpretation and proposed work is feasible. Typically this is just a formality as we maintain high success with our services; but it can provide significant savings on time and money if/when there is an issue with the proposed scope of work.
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Phase 2

Design Development

Design Review #2 (DR#2)
In DR#2 we will revise the design based on feedback from DR#1 and develop the overall form of the structure. Typically, we like to have designs narrowed down to one option; though this varies from project to project and additional concepts may be needed to successfully navigate through the design process. Typically, at this point, we’ll be able to allocate more attention to the exterior of the home and overall aesthetics of the home in addition to updates to the Site Plan & Floor Plans (Form & Function).
Design Review #3 (DR#3)
In DR#3 we will revise the design based on feedback from DR#2. Typically, we like to have designs nearing completion with minimal updates required. This is the final Design Review included in the contract. 3 Design review may seem quick; but this has proven to be the magic number to meet client goals and keep the timeline on track.
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Phase 3

Consultant Coordination

Engineering Coordination
Once the [Release for Engineering] form has been signed, we’ll facilitate the bids and contracts with all necessary 3rd party consultants. Once Engineering is signed on, we’ll provide all documents and lead/maintain all communication and any necessary updates/revisions up to submission and through to permit issuance.
[Release for Submission]
After we have received plans from all Engineering Services, we will combine all Architectural, Engineering and/or any other trade documents and provide you with the final Submission Set along with a [Release for Submission] Form. There should be no changes to the design from previous approval; but this provides an opportunity review the work provided by the engineers and any additional work/information to be provided for submission. Beyond this point, any changes to the design or structural elements will likely incur change orders from Engineering and/or Streamline Design.
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Phase 4

Permit Management

Intake Review & Invoicing
  • After submission, all documents go through an intake review just to verify all required documents and forms are present and that there were no errors during the upload/submission process.
  • After Intake Review, they will either clear the set for review or notify us of any additional items. If updates are required, we will address and submit missing/revised documents to be verified.
  • After Intake Review, they will issue an invoice.
  • After invoice has been paid and documents cleared; a project number will be assigned and plans will then be distributed to the individual disciplines for review (Structural, Zoning, Historical, etc.)
Plan Review
  • Each discipline reviews the plans specific to their division independent of other disciplines. All disciplines must be signed off to moving into Permit Issuance and acquire building permits. 
  • Depending on the number of comments received, and the timeliness of 3rd party consultants to complete their revisions, the standard time to resubmit is 5-10 business days (generally shorter towards the end as fewer comments appear) 
  • 1 revision is pretty much guaranteed, though the typical number of revisions is 2-3 after initial submission. 
  • *After the 1st review is typically when any “red flags” would come to light and if/when none are present – this is a good time to start obtaining your contractor (if you haven’t done so already). This will provide a clearer ETA of building permits and reinforce the feasibility of the proposed design*
  • Note that affiliate permits (like Septic, Grading, etc.) must be signed off in addition to Building/Planning to obtain permits. 
  • Permits are not contingent on Deferred Submittals. Deferred Submittals are items like Sprinklers, Solar, HVAC, etc. that can be started and submitted during the build process and will only hold back your “Certificate of Occupancy”. The Certificate of Occupancy is what you’ll receive after all construction is complete, final inspections are passed and the project is “move in ready”. 
Completeness Review & Issuance
  • Once all disciplines have signed off, we resubmit everything again for a Completeness Review (similar to the intake review) to verify all documents are present and completed in full. ​
  • * At this point you will need to provide your contractor’s information or declare the project to be “Owner-Builder” * ​
  • Once the Completeness Review is complete you will be notified that your project is approved and will need to Request the Building Permit.
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Phase 5

Streamline’s Contract and Scope of Work is Deemed Complete.

Permit Issuance:
  • The Request for Permit Issuance is where we “pass the torch” to you and/or your contractor. We assist all the way through until your permits are in hand; though there is no additional work to be done by Streamline Design & Permitting, LLC at this point.
  • During the Issuance Phase, the Planning Dept. will issue your final invoice and provide you with a “project valuation” (estimated project cost) to provide to your local school district to receive and pay a 2nd invoice for School Fees.
  • Specific instructions will be provided to you by the Planning Department.
  • Once City Fees, School Fees and any other Impact Fees are all paid, you'll be issued permits and stamped plans.
Construction & Inspections:
  • Once you have stamped plans and permits in hand, you can officially begin construction on your project.
  • Scheduling inspections will be one of the 1st things that need to be done - especially if existing site conditions need to be inspected prior to any grading or foundation work.
  • Your contractor will be able to guide you through the post permit process and will assist/manage the scheduling of inspections.
  • If there are issues, concerns or questions that arise during the construction process; we are here to assist as best we can and answer whatever questions we are able to. In the event that design or engineering changes are required to move forward, we can coordinate with any of the contracted 3rd party services and/or provide changer orders at that time.
  • CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY. After final inspection have passed; the work will be deemed habitable and move-in ready. You will then receive final sign-offs from the inspector and be provided your Certificate of Occupancy. You cannot use, live or rent the space until this certificate has been obtained.
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