Code Compliance

Receiving a code enforcement notice from the City or County can be an unsettling event.
Do I have my unpermitted work torn down?
Can I get a retroactive permit so I can keep those parts of my structure?
The path forward is unclear and the clock is ticking.

We help many homeowners with this conundrum. We first tell the code enforcement officer that we are working on it. Next, by the process of “forensic drafting” we are able to create a digital model, investigate the structural components, and apply building codes to inform the city of potential fixes to the structure. We will work through the process to obtain the proper code compliance building permits that are needed to clear your notice.

Whether you are under a code enforcement notice or are looking to avert one for the future. Set up a site consultation and we will provide you with a way forward that will ease your mind and stop your fines.

Ready to Start a Project

We understand that investing in design services is a big decision. You’ll work alongside our experts during a complimentary consultation where we will gather the scope of your project, ideal timeline, and budget.
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