Our designs are crafted with creative thought for unique outcomes. Each project is developed to meet specific needs, resulting in a personalized solution that stands out from the rest.


Streamline Design helped us create a great add-on to our home. Their creative suggestions and attention to detail were key to our successful project. – Guiterrez Family


We are a San Diego based pre-construction services company that provides feasibility, design, engineering, and permit management. We take your project from concept through to building permits. Our process is streamlined to assure that our projects do not miss any steps and that we are efficient and effective. Our team is headed by Devin Way, who manages the operations team. Devin provides guidance and creative input to all our projects. His job captains are your guide through the project phases. We also have an experienced administration and sales staff to ease the process. Our network of engineers, tradespeople, and contractors are assembled to service all aspects of the pre-construction process. 


Streamline’s consistent approach includes four phases, research, design, engineering, and permitting. Research is an important phase to get the project right from the start by listening, researching, measuring and creating a set of design concepts. Design is the fun part with iterations on things you like and creating alternatives for you to consider. Engineering is the in-depth process of creating the construction details and calculations to inform the builder. Finally we do the permit management work that helps you to building ready status. By tracking each step with our software and using the most up-to-date tools, we strive to create a consistent and professional experience. 


We are devoted to ensuring client satisfaction by meeting all project requirements and goals that have been established through our open dialogue. We take great pride in our attentiveness to the most minute of details throughout the design and construction process, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked. Our commitment for effective communication is vital for a successful project outcome.

Ready to Start a Project

We understand that investing in design services is a big decision. You’ll work alongside our experts during a complimentary consultation where we will gather the scope of your project, ideal timeline, and budget.
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